Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Sixteen mustangs, four men, one dream: to ride border to border, Mexico to Canada, up the spine of the American West. The documentary tracks four fresh-out-of-college buddies as they take on wild mustangs to be their trusted mounts, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Their wildness of spirit, in both man and horse, is quickly dwarfed by the wilderness they must navigate: a 3000-mile gauntlet that is equally indescribable and unforgiving.














I really enjoyed this movie. It was interesting seeing both sides of the issue being told and seeing just how difficult the actual journey is. Not just on the horses but on the persons part taking in the journey.

Its really sad because you can see just how much the modern world has changed our planet and past practices as these guys struggle to get the horses across now private and government owned land.

You can see the struggle both the animals have to cope with and you witness the strain on the friendship begin to wear in as troubles worsen.

It broke my heart to see how much our world has affected free range horses and their existence in this world but you can also see a generation of men trying to debate with taking on old ways verses embracing the convenience of modern life.

It gives way to the truth that the ranchers that did this kind of thing in the past didn't have it easy and the complications of gated lands, roads and cities have created a whole new level of difficulties to deal with. Neither generation has it any easy.

I think if you can accept both views that are expressed in the film viewers will like this docu film.












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