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Exposed (Madame X #2) by Jasinda Wilder


Exposed - Jasinda Wilder

Everything Madame X has ever known is contained within the four walls of the penthouse owned by her lover, her keeper, the man who controls her every move and dominates her desires. While Caleb owns her body, someone else has touched her soul. X’s awakening at the hands of Logan’s raw, honest masculinity has led her down a new path, one that is as exciting as it is terrifying.

But Caleb’s need to own her completely knows no bounds, and he isn’t about to let her go. Not without a fight that could destroy them all







My Review:

Its hard to put into words why reading the sections with X and Caleb make me so damn sick to my stomach that I literally have to take a break before almost heaving, which was why I was so relieved that we got more scenes between X and Logan this time around.

I can't say that I am pleased with the progress X is trying to make between her and Caleb because every time you see her stand up to him it does absolutely no good because despite her standing up to him verbally and sparring with him mentally its a yo yo game of pointlessness because she goes back to opening her legs just as easily as she did from the start without any fight what so ever. Which is the same behavior patterns she had in the first book. Say one thing do the exact opposite. Tell one man I hate him but give him my body, tell another man I love him but struggle for the same sexual dynamic she already has with Caleb. X doesn't have a clue who or what she wants or who she is and we get absolutely no answers to any of the questions and we can't trust the ones we do get because you have the on going conflict of trust between Caleb and Logan.






Just because Caleb allows X to have her tracking device removed I don't believe its the only one, and him stalking her, drugging her, and kidnapping her in hopes of brainwashing her yet again... Seriously? Where does the line of too much get laid down for this book?



X wants to change the outside but it won't change who she is until she changes the inside and she's yet to do a thing about that.

I also hated how every little thing was agonized over repeatedly yet when she gets her flashes she dismisses them as if they'd never happened or had no importance despite how fundamental they are to her as a person and to her past. Its very conflicting.



I wasn't expecting the abrupt ending though either. One word with no preview as to what's coming next mid conversation. Talk about cliffhanger. Although we readers had suspicions as to who Caleb really is from the first book its the first time X is hearing about it but I really wish we'd gotten her reaction before the end because now we are left wondering what nonsense explanations she has going through her head to excuse the behavior and treatment she allows to continue even through the entire book despite the fact that she claims to be fed up with it.








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Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley Publishing

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