Thursday, January 7, 2016

Video Games



I remember being a kid playing Atari and Nintendo and being fairly entertained for awhile but I would quickly grow bored with them. Sure it was a good way to pass the time but I didn't have the same respect for them as I do now.





The reason was that I never really understood the point. They were repetitive and fairly similar no matter which game you played so after awhile I grew out of them and completely lost interest.






Until the day I discovered cut scenes and was reunited with a whole new level of gaming.




This wasn't the game boys or sega systems I'd been familiar with as a kid. It wasn't lame graphics and cheesy musical scores to fill the silence.


These were new full blown digital games with serious music score soundtracks, and video capture done unlike anything I'd seen except for on DVD.










Games had grown up and become so detailed and so well developed that they had full stories, characters with entire backgrounds and history, they had emotion and excitement. This was something you could dig your teeth into and really explore on a deeper level.






Games had expanded into graphic novels, books series, magazines, tv shows, movies,

and more in order to create lush worlds that could envelop a player in or out of a game.









It was fantastic. It called me back to something that as a reader I could totally understand. I liked books because I had a character and an environment that had a life that I understood and connected to on an emotional level. These games were doing the same thing.










These games had actors that portrayed characters that had entire lives, and histories that surround them. It wasn't just mindless running and jumping on a map to collect coins, this was a journey the player had to go on and explore in environments that were so realistic that my eyes couldn't look away.


I was sucked in.






Even if the game wasn't there just the cut scenes alone have the ability to carry the game into a digital movie realm if it wanted to. Its really impressive.





















Now instead of rolling my eyes when people mention playing video games I understand more why they'd want to be a part of it and invest their time in it. Its an outlet I can relate to and be drawn in with it.



My conclusion, next time when a guy wants to play a video game for another hour instead of getting annoyed by it I'll join along. You should too. You just might like it. 



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