Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Then Comes Marriage (Hot Water, California #2) by Christie Ridgway


Then Comes Marriage - Christie Ridgway

After Honor Witherspoon is rescued from her kidnappers, all she wants is to live in Hot Water, a small town that symbolises safety.

Her billionaire father, Warren, wants to ensure his daughter is definitely secure. Going to outrageous lengths to keep her guarded, Warren demands something extreme of his daughter: she must marry Bram Bennett, a recluse living behind the locked gates in a home nicknamed 'The Fortress.'

Bram lost his wife eight years ago to a random carjacking-gone-bad, and he can't seem to get over his loss. Still deeply attached to her memory, he rarely exits his house. When Warren threatens to destroy the high-tech security company Bram recently sold him - the company that's the economic foundation of Hot Water - if Bram doesn't marry Warren's daughter, Bram reluctantly accepts a new person into his home. But with Honor now residing in his 'fortress', Bram finds it extremely difficult to uphold his tight security, ward off unwanted intruders, and fight off his sexual attraction to his beautiful wife.





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I don't think that this book really knew what it wanted to be. You get a mix of issues that didn't mesh well together including its cast, you aren't really sure how the weirdness factor really fit in to it all, and the whole time I'm left wondering if I missed something. However it doesn't take away from the fact that Ridgway has written something unique here.






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Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from The Author
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