Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New for Pre- Order from Kevin Hearne: Staked!


From the very beginning of The Iron Druid Chronicles, writing Leif Helgarson as an ancient vampire who had trouble with modern American slang was one of my primary joys. I also had tremendous geeky fun arranging his Shakespearean quote duels with Atticus, and exploring the gray areas of his selfish agenda. So it was with relish that I returned to his character in Staked, the eighth book of the series, which ties up several of the series plot threads heading into the final book.

Atticus realizes he must finally confront the vampire problem head-on, including the arcane lifeleech Werner Drasche; Granuaile teams up with Perun to defeat an old adversary in the Slavic pantheon and thwart Loki’s plans; Owen Kennedy finds that trolls have very long memories when it comes to debts; and, while in Canada, Oberon discovers, much to his delight, that there might be something better than sausage.



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