Sunday, January 3, 2016

Its 2016

Its a new year with a new background for January now that Christmas is done the holiday wallpaper has come down. I'm thinking I'll do monthly backgrounds. A different background for each month instead of keeping the same one all year round. Good times.


I'm catching up to posting reviews for books I read that I needed to catch up on during my Christmas hiatus. I got through finishing a lot of my TBR books during my Christmas break so yay me. I don't know if I will get reviews up for ALL the books I read right away simply because I read so many books that I'd have to either pace myself getting the reviews up or burn myself out at the start of the month.


I added a new bookshelf at home for my ever growing print collection. I'm rather impressed because when you add another shelf to the ones you have your books are already on the shelves you have but when you add another shelf to spread your books out you can't figure out how you fit them all on the shelves you had to begin with. Its quite amusing.


Thank you to all the friends, authors and publishers that sent me books for Christmas.


Thank you to the ladies that sent me a package of books at the beginning of the month for books they wanted to go to a good home. They're fantastic and have found a place on my shelves and made friends with my other books. :)


I've joined Goodreads reading challenge for the year even though I know Goodreads isn't a lot of peoples favorite site to go to anymore, I made a goal of reading 100 books this year. I'm pretty confident I'll accomplish finishing the goal. I wanted to say 200 but I didn't want to get over zealous as my first time doing the challenge so maybe next year I'll go for 200.


Thank you to everyone that follows along with my blog and allows me to follow theirs. You guys are fantastic.


Here's to consuming many more books this year than we did last year!


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