Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Comes Love (Hot Water, California #1) by Christie Ridgway


First Comes Love - Christie Ridgway

First Comes Love (Hot Water, California #1)



Kitty Wilder longed for a little respectability, so eight years ago she finagled an "I do" out of local hero Dylan Matthews. The ceremony was only supposed tobe a tourist attraction sham, but a loophole made it legal ... a little fact she'd "conveniently" neglected to share until Dylan came storming back into her life.

How could he be married and not even know it? As an FBI agent, Dylan thought he'd seen it all, but this was outrageous. Kitty is still gorgeous, appealing, and even she deserves more than the toughened man he had become. But before Dylan can accept the powerful emotions he has for this unexpected wife he has to first face down the demons of his past




My Review:

I thought the characters really carried this story and more than all of them Dylan was the one that kept me reading. Kitty was a little more than annoying mostly because of her naivete at her age started to get on my nerves less than half way in. I need characters I can like and relate to and see myself in or imagining in real life as someone I could like as a person. While Kitty isn't unlikable she was just too irritating for me to really be able to enjoy the rest of the book. 


My Rating:

3 Stars


Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews



Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review via California Girls

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