Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kay Hooper - Contemporary or Paranormal

Kay Hooper is one of those authors that has a mixed history in writing romance and mystery, thrillers and ... She's also dabbled in some fantasy/paranormal themes in her romance novels.


Kay Hooper has the underlining development potential for creating paranormal romance but it appears that in the books that she's brought in supernatural topics it just seems to be a side note and not really the soul of the story.


Kay Hooper's writing is so fantastic that she has the ability to be a really great paranormal romance author. She's created topics like reincarnation, witches, ghosts, agents with supernatural abilities and other themes in her books, and she's done it fabulously.


I would really like to see Kay Hooper fully embrace the paranormal romance realm because I know she's got the talent to do it.



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