Monday, November 23, 2015

I watch the world

Its funny those moments that make me sit back and realize how far technology has come just in my short life time. How much its changed from me shoving large floppy discs into huge desk top computers for short changed educational purposes as a kid to flipping on the tv years later and being able to open an app that gives you access to things you would never think of.


My Tv as I've discovered has many apps on it. One of the apps that catches my attention the most is a program that views locations all around the world on live video cameras called Earth Cam TV. The app streams places all around the world twenty four hours a day.

High definition video and sound are played while cameras over look mountains, beaches, towns, cities, resorts,  neighborhoods, parks,  town squares, forests, and national parks - and more.


One minute you're watching a beach in South Carolina the next you're at a Ski resort in Finland, the next you're viewing the red square in Russia or Myrtle Beach in California, and many other various locations around the world.


You watch people walking through towns in Wyoming, on boardwalks, surfing the beach in Hawaii or driving across the street, you watch people sitting on park benches in small towns, laying in the sand at vacation spots, sitting down for a beer in front of a pub in Ireland.


You can listen to people chatter and laugh, you listen to ocean waves crash and wind blow, hear the sounds of towns and cities everywhere.


Its oddly entrancing being transported in seconds all over the globe in a matter of minutes to places I'd never get to in my life time but then there's also that odd realization that I feel like a like a creeper. 


For example one of the locations had a boardwalk over looking a beach and a couple came into the camera view to enjoy the scenery. The male paused to kiss his female partner and here I am watching this unsuspecting couple go about their day without them knowing about it.


It felt like I was violating their privacy. This intimate moment between two people.

I felt guilty.


There are different times when the camera is placed in different areas. Sometimes the camera is up on high sky scrapers, or mountain tops, other cameras are directly in the center of a shopping spot or a neighborhood or a street corner.

Other cameras show the feeds and you get close ups of people coming and going, some so close you can hear people talking to eachother, talking on their cell phones, hear all the sounds that surround them every day and no one has a clue.


It made me wonder. I go about my day, I travel around my city, I walk down the street and I never really stopped to consider just who is watching or listening to me?


Would you want such a thing in your area? How would you feel if it was your street corner being recorded?


You can check out the Earth Cam App online here.



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