Monday, November 23, 2015

I find books in the strangest places...

I was Thanksgiving dinner shopping on Saturday for all the early stuff you can get before the shelves go bare for the last minute rushers and the fighters for early Christmas stuff begins.


I mozied along at a snails pace inside Bashas (which is a local grocery store for those of you that don't have them) in a section I rarely went to along a wall of the store that was assigned the organic gluten free foods section squeezed between the dairy wall and the produce area where I spotted the all too familiar nook.

Every store has one.Just a random nook inset into a long wall in a section where it doesn't belong.


Seriously. I have yet to find a store that doesn't have one. Most of the time you walk by them without even noticing it.


In these nooks you'll typically find an out of the way shelf littered with random items from the store marked with stickers for clearance pricing. Most of the time its vitamins they've over stocked, cookies past their due date, themed t-shirts and decor they tried to sell for the holidays no one bought, plants the store gives up trying to revive. Random.

So there I found myself standing in the nook when I spotted a stack of familiar items on the back of the bottom shelf. I'm sure you can guess.




All on clearance for a dollar.


It wasn't a large stack, just some scattered items that didn't make the final cut before new inventory took its place.

They were all hardbacks in great condition, no scuffs, bends, or markings of any kind. They all looked brand new even though they'd released awhile ago. I spotted a few that I wanted so I picked them up.


What's even better is that with the Basha's members card I got a discount on that mark down price. Double win.


The books I bought?


Walter Mosley: Stepping Stone/ Love Machine (two books in one)


Jim Butcher: Cold Days


Richelle Mead: Game Board of the Gods 


Christine Feehan: Dark Storm



The Original Cost?


Walter Mosley: Stepping Stone/ Love Machine $24.99 (original price)


Jim Butcher: Cold Days $27.95 (original price)


Richelle Mead: Game Board of the Gods $26.95 (original price) 


Christine Feehan: Dark Storm $26.95 (original price)


The final cost: $106.84



The Mark down?


Walter Mosley: Stepping Stone/ Love Machine $24.99  $1.00


Jim Butcher: Cold Days $27.95 $1.00


Richelle Mead: Game Board of the Gods $26.95  $1.00


Christine Feehan: Dark Storm $26.95  $1.00


Final Cost: $4.00




That's a huge savings! Not to mention the 20% member discount!


I practically got the books for free.


Its moments like that- that totally make my day.


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