Friday, August 7, 2015

I'm impressed





I roam and post on a great and many sites, my Facebook pages (both of them) publishing sites, review sites, group pages, street teams, blogs, twitter, and dozens of others.. I'm book book review obsessed.

Once in awhile you get comments and likes and shares but I am so impressed that my Book Lovers group is always so busy.

Its the members that make it all worth while because they keep things moving. They but up with me sharing free books, my reviews, favorite authors, giveaways, and posting about book stuff.

They share shamelessly their favorite books, websites, authors, their own books, events and they spread the word so much I can barely keep up with requests.

5000 is a big number and it wouldn't have gotten this big without all the members spreading word about it.

Cheers to everyone that is a part of Book Lovers!


Thank you Book Lovers!
















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