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Reviews 5/1

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings: A Novella - Sharon Sala As the respectable wife of the town preacher, Patty June Clymer never thought she'd have to worry about a cheating husband. But when things come to a head, Patty decides to take charge of her life by kicking her no-good husband out her house, and getting a total makeover at the popular local salon. With a new spiky black haircut and a new outlook on life, Patty goes from mousy and meek to living large and in charge, and fairly starts a revolution in the small town of Blessings, Georgia.


I thought Count Your Blessings was a fantastic story of rebirth and finding yourself again. I know plenty of people that have had to start their lives over again after a failed relationship crashed and burned. There are so many out there that can understand the emotional pains it takes to rebuild both your life, reputation and your self esteem when it all falls apart. Count Your Blessings is a story that sets a perfect example of rebuilding yourself and the world you live in and the process it takes to face it all. Its short but every page is delightfully wonderful. Patty is a great reminder to everyone that strength is always within you and that no matter how bad it hurts life is still waiting to embrace you with open and victorious arms. Even for Patty in Blessings.

Grave Phantoms

Grave Phantoms (A Roaring Twenties Novel) - Jenn Bennett I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley/Penguin.

Grave Phantoms is the best. It has everything that I love all wrapped up in one fun package. It has the time period, the genre, the excitement, and the great times created by a talented author that has written a story that I am going to be fond of for years to come. Grave Phantoms covers all the bases of a Romeo and Juliet kind of love story with both historic and modern twists. Loved it!

This Wedding is Doomed!

This Wedding is Doomed! - Stephanie Draven, Jeannie Lin, Shawntelle Madison, Amanda Berry I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

This Wedding is Doomed is a wedding themed anthology of all the things that can both go right and wrong and the shenanigans that sometimes take place on the day when the leading couple is due to say I do. Each story flows from one to the other and only side steps to take its readers behind the scenes where wedding vows and guests aren't the only thing that take center stage on the day when your life changes. The passion is sweet the blunders are hilarious and the end result are nothing less than what you'd expect of a contemporary romance. Stephanie Draven, Jeannie Lin, Shawntelle Madison and Amanda Berry create fantastic stories that are full of fun and drama and assure readers that even when things don't go according to plan sometimes its better that they didn't.

Midnight's Kiss (A Novel of the Elder Races)

Midnight's Kiss (A Novel of the Elder Races) - Thea Harrison I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley/Penguin.

If you haven't read the previous book then stop and start from the beginning. Don't shade the epic proportions of greatness of this story by not understanding the full panoramic view it provides.
Midnights Kiss isn't a part of a series in my opinion its a continuing saga.
Thea has a masterful imagination that touches aspects of every fun supernatural creature that graces the paranormal romance genre all over the best sellers filling the popular bookstore shelves.
Remember to stay focused on history as Midnights Kiss is wound through a dual layer history full of sex and drama centered around sexy as all hell mister Julian.
I had such a blast with all the sex and excitement and the emotional build up. Thea's work has always been great but Midnights Kiss scored a best yet.

The Lair

After her father dies in a boating incident, innkeeper Daniela Dunn must travel from Northern California’s Sinner’s Grove back to Verona, Italy and her childhood home, an estate called the Panther’s Lair. It’s a mansion full of frightful memories and deeply buried secrets, where appearances are deceiving and the price of honesty is death. As Dani is drawn further into her family’s intrigues, she has an unlikely ally in handsome Marin County investigator Gabriele de la Torre. He says he’s come along to support her, but his actions prove he has his own hidden agenda.
Gabe de la Torre needs to settle old family debts before starting fresh with the woman he feels could be The One. But once Dani finds out whom he’s beholden to, all bets could be off. When a mystery woman reveals that Dani’s father may have been murdered, the stakes rise dramatically and Gabe realizes they’re now players in a dangerous game. Protecting Dani becomes his top priority, even as she strives to figure out whom she can trust: her relatives, Gabe, or even herself.


The Lair is a fantastic journey over seas that blends the heart and mind into a mystery that starts from page one. Be aware that its emotional and sensitive content for those with topic issues. The Lair is intense and kept even my wary suspicions wandering into the night.
Poor Dani in all her confusion stumbles from one moment to the next not really being a part of but going through the motions until she hits her upright position button and all the lights in her mental house go on. You know that saying about how the engine is running but there's no one behind the wheel? That's Dani. Except we get flashes of these moments where she kind of clicks and something goes on and suddenly shes trying to piece together this great big void and a murder.
Gabe is an interesting character playing off Dani that was quite surprising for me because as active as he was I felt he more or less stood back to allow a certain space to grow before approaching it. He chose his moments carefully while the strings around them were getting pulled and sending them both on their course.
Dani and Gabe once they open to one another are passionate, strong willed and quite a great thing to behold. I was not expecting the twist at the ending and that's difficult to do.
There are so many secrets that the story kept me going all the way to the end. I really enjoyed reading The Lair and I feel that AB has done a marvelous job creating an exciting book for us suspenseful romance fans.

Chasing Danger: A Deadly Ops Novella

Chasing Danger: A Deadly Ops Novella - Katie Reus I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.

Chasing Danger is short and sweet and for something that is packed in so little amount of pages manages to keep you pulled in. Hannah and Dax are a fun personality mesh that even in a novella are a great pair that provide a great time.

Tessa Ever After

Tessa Ever After - Brighton Walsh I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.

Tessa Ever After is the second book in the Caged In Winter series.
I liked the second book more than I enjoyed the first one. This time around you really get to see the struggle Tessa goes through as she tries to cope with growing up and dealing with coping with adult struggles even as her mind is still struggling with the fact that she's just little more than a teenager. Things get real when Jason enters the scene and has to deal with some adult responsibilities as well. Watching the two of them struggle through those phases both together and individually is something I liked getting to see. Brighton wrote the story well and handled some sensitive topics with respect both for her readers and for her characters. I enjoyed it.


Today my Facebook Group page Book Lovers has reached 5,000 members!

Book Lovers was created to bring people together that could shamelessly share, promote and post their book reviews, books, features, giveaways, guest spots etc.

Its a place I hope to remain free of trolls, spam pages, illegal sharing, and judgement.

Book Lovers welcomes authors, reviewers, readers and many many others of every shape and color, and while for the most part the most frequent posters are authors that write erotica and romance many others have joined along.

I am so happy that so many have found a place to share their work and themselves.

Way to go Book Lovers!

Under a Blood Moon

Under a Blood Moon - Delilah Devlin I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Samhain.

For being selfish men they share all too happily their eager love slave. Delilah Devlin writes some seriously hot erotica and does it very well. How she manages to create all new love scenes from book to book and keep them as fresh, sexy and as dirty as she does so well.
I must admit it took me awhile to pick up where the previous book leaves off since I haven't read the first book of this series but Delilah provides just enough detail to fill in most of the blanks.
Miren is an interesting chick with some complex feelings and sexual desires and appetites that she struggles with because of the interaction of the coven and its members in her life and how she feels or thinks she should or shouldn't feel for the man or men she loves.
Renner struggles to learn how to work with her relationship with the twins and deal with her reluctance to hand over or share her power.
I like that there are actual issues that they need to work through in the story as both individuals and as a couple and ofcourse the insanely sexy love scenes are out of this world.

Beware sensitive readers - if you can't handle multiple lovers, paranormal topics, and the supernatural coming together in one book this may not be for you. For those open minded scorch seekers you've found the right place.

The God Collector

The God Collector - Catherine Butzen I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Samhain.

I have to be upfront that there are quite a bit of comical lines in this book one of them being "This guy thinks he’s fucking Terminator!" wound up being one of my favorites because it was the personality that stood out in the middle of a serious moment. Aki, Seth and Theo were a great combo that added plenty of amusing and intense emotions to an already exciting story.
What's really great is that the God Collector as far as characters had a sort of "Mummy" movie feel to them. They each played well off of one another and they all stood out individually as they journeyed through mystical and mythological mysteries together. I liked the fact that there was less sex because The God Collector is a tale that's focused more on the history than the intimacy. However that is not to say that there isn't any sex or intimacy to be found because what is such a story without it? Seth and Theo get downright steamy. What's even better is that I didn't predict the ending before it came, and who can argue with a shout to Atari? As someone who still plays it I had to give a big cheer for the ending. Thank you Catherine for a great read.

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