Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's new with Lynn Raye Harris

Dear Readers:

I'm so excited to tell you about TWO books I have out right now! First up, if you're a fan of my Hostile Operations Team series, the FIFTH book is now available. This book is full of danger and passion! Just Plain Sassy says, "…one of those must read black ops series that's as good as Maya Banks & Cindy Gerard."


Cool under pressure... Until now.

Hostile Operations Team sniper Jack "Hawk" Hunter is cool, methodical, and utterly lethal. Nothing rattles Jack's calm. But that was before he learned he fathered a child three years ago—a child who has just been kidnapped.

Gina Domenico is a superstar, a pop sensation with a string of hit records. But deep inside, she's still the lonely girl she's always been. When Jack saved her from an arms dealer, they spent three unforgettable days together waiting for rescue—and Gina fell hard for the sexy soldier before he walked away forever.

But now she needs his help and she'll do anything to get it. Though Jack can never forgive Gina for keeping his child from him, he'll do everything in his power—and HOT's—to bring their son home safely.

Nothing is what it seems, however, and their fates hang in the balance as someone else pulls the strings…and brings them ever closer to an explosive confrontation that could either save their son—or cost them everything.


Gina slipped into the cool water and immersed herself. When she came up again, she could hear Jack swimming nearby. It was dark, but the moon was out and the stars were plentiful. After the first night, Jack had realized they were fine if they stayed in the shadow of the rock. The moon gave them light, but it didn't pick them out for anyone who might be looking.

Still, he'd warned her it was a risk. But it was a risk they had to take because staying in that cave certainly wasn't easy. Gina floated on her back and thought of the way he'd looked at her. A shiver drifted over her, but it wasn't due to being cold. She'd thought he wasn't interested in her at all-in fact, she'd felt terrible for being attracted to him-but then he'd looked at her with such an expression of raw hunger that she'd grown instantly wet.

She'd closed the robe because her nipples were hard, not because she'd been upset that he'd been looking. Now her nipples hardened again, spiking against the fabric of her top. She let a hand drift up and over her breasts. Another shiver rippled through her.

She sank beneath the water again, only this time she stayed down, forcing her mind to go blank, her thoughts to drift away. When she surfaced, she wasn't alone.

"Jesus, Gina," he said, his voice a hiss because his strictures about talking loud still applied. "I couldn't see you at all." She slicked her hair back from her face. "Sorry."

"I thought something happened."

Her face grew warm. "Nothing happened. Clearly."

She was watching him so intently that when the next soft swell bumped into her, she didn't let it roll over her the way she should have. Instead, she let it carry her forward until she had to put out her hands to stop herself from crashing into him. His skin was warm, hard, and slick beneath her touch. The muscles were defined… and suddenly tense. His hands went to her waist, steadying her.

"Sorry," she said again. It was such a small sound. A useless sound.

His fingers flexed against her waist. And then his hand slid up her ribcage, around to the tie of her bikini top. Her heart fluttered like a frantic moth. She wanted him to untie it so badly.

But he didn't. He simply traced his finger along the line and she wanted to whimper.

"It's okay, Jack," she said. "Do it. I want you to do it."

"Do what, babe?"

"I want to be your first after…" Because there was something sweet about this man, something vulnerable, and she ached for him. "God, I'm sorry if that sounds insensitive-"

He dragged her against his body-his very hard, semi-naked body—and fused his mouth to hers before she could finish her sentence. His tongue met hers and her body shuddered as hot need washed through her…
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Next up is the second book in my Heirs to the Throne of Kyr series, CARRYING THE SHEIKH’S HEIR! It's finally time to find out what Rashid al-Hassan has been up to all these years, and why he's so damaged that he doesn't think he can love Sheridan Sloane and the baby she's carrying. This book garnered a coveted 4.5 Star Top Pick review from RT Book Reviews Magazine!


The desert king’s reluctant bride!

She’d meant to have a baby for her sister, but an IVF clinic mix-up means party planner Sheridan Sloane is now carrying the heir of Rashid al-Hassan, the desert king of Kyr!

Rashid demands marriage, but Sheridan isn’t convinced—he’s sinfully sexy, but his heart is encased in ice. Yet Rashid will not give her a choice—he kidnaps her!

Swept away to the desert sands, Sheridan desires escape. But when Rashid takes her to his bed, she soon craves something else entirely…. Can she thaw this proud sheikh’s heart, or will she have to love enough for two?


He muttered something in Arabic and then he was looking at her, his burning gaze penetrating deep. There was frost in his voice. “Miss Sloane, I think you misunderstand something about what’s going on here.”

Her heart skipped. Why was he so beautiful? And why was he such a contrast? He was fire and ice in one person. Hot eyes, cold heart. It almost made her sad. But why should it? She did not know him, and what she did know so far hadn’t endeared him to her. “Do I?”

“Indeed. I am not Mr. Rashid.”

“Then who are you?”

He looked haughty and her stomach threatened to heave again. Because there was something familiar about that face, she realized. She’d seen it on the news a few weeks ago.

He spoke, his voice clear and firm and lightly accented. “I am King Rashid bin Zaid al-Hassan, the Great Protector of my people, the Lion of Kyr, and Defender of the Throne. And you, Miss Sloane, may be carrying my heir.”

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!
Happy Reading!

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