Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's new with Cynthia Eden

Cynthia Eden: Sexy Paranormal Romance & Dark Romantic Suspense
For my U.S. readers, I hope that you are gearing up for a great 4th of July! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Since it is a special weekend, I wanted to offer readers a free book—THE WOLF WITHIN (the first book in my paranormal Purgatory series) is free at Amazon, Kobo, and the iBookstore.
FBI Special Agent Duncan McGuire spends his days–and his nights–tracking real-life monsters. Most humans aren’t aware of the vampires and werewolves that walk among them. They don’t realize the danger that they face, but Duncan knows about the horror that waits in the darkness. He hunts the monsters, and he protects the innocent. Duncan just never expects to become a monster. But after a brutal werewolf attack, Duncan begins to change…and soon he will be one of the very beasts that he has hunted.
Dr. Holly Young is supposed to help Duncan during his transition. It’s her job to keep him sane so that Duncan can continue working with the FBI’s Para Unit. But as Duncan’s beast grows stronger, the passion that she and Duncan have held carefully in check pushes to the surface. The desire that is raging between them could be a very dangerous thing…because Holly isn’t exactly human, not any longer.
As the monsters circle in, determined to take out all of the agents working at the Para Unit, Holly and Duncan will have to use their own supernatural strengths in order to survive. But as they give up more of their humanity and embrace the beasts within them both, they realize that the passion between them isn’t safe, it isn’t controllable, and their dark need may just be an obsession that could destroy them both.
Kensington Brava has re-released I’LL BE SLAYING YOU. I’LL BE SLAYING YOU was originally published in 2010, but the book is now back on store shelves again—in mass market form.
Cynthia Eden returns to the realm of the Other, where the supernatural bounty hunters of Night Watch work hard and play harder…
Sandra “Dee” Daniels is a vampire’s worst nightmare. Sure, she couldn’t get up to five-six in the highest heels money can buy—not that she ever wears heels. But the monsters in her past and the stake in her boot are enough to keep most bloodsuckers interested in staying undead out of Baton Rouge.
But there are changes afoot on her turf. Rumors of a Born Master in town—a vampire so powerful he can make the streets run with blood. And a new face in Dee’s dive bars and alleyways—Simon Chase, a strong, sexy shadow with a haunted past of his own. Simon knows a lot about the dark side of Dee’s work. He knows even more about how to make her body spark with desire. But the hot lust shimmering between them is only the beginning. Because Simon also knows a secret that will change Dee’s life—if she can live long enough to uncover it.
I will be attending the Romance Writers of America Conference in San Antonio in just a few weeks. If you’re attending or if you are in the San Antonio area, please check out the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing. The autographing event will be held on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Over 400 authors will be participating in this event, and, as posted on the RWA website, the Literacy Autographing will be at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in the 3rd floor ballroom.
For my Harlequin Intrigue Readers…I’ve got two new releases coming soon!
Evidence of Passion
Available 8/1/14
Way of the Shadows
Available 9/1/14
This month’s newsletter prize is a $30 gift card and an early copy of PLAYING WITH FIRE (my August paranormal romance from Kensington Brava). To enter the giveaway, just send an email to with the subject line of “July Newsletter Prize”. In your email, tell me the name of your all-time favorite book. The contest will stay open until midnight on 7/7/14, and the winner will be randomly selected. The winner’s name will then be posted on my blog, and I will also email the winner directly.
Thank you so much for subscribing to my newsletter. Have a great weekend!
Best wishes,
Cynthia Eden
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