Thursday, July 17, 2014

I had to share this from Shelly Laurenston!

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Hi, all.
I’ve waited to the last minute to write this newsletter because there’s not much going on AND I’m basically drowning in Nordic gods, so instead of torturing myself a moment longer, I’m just going to do this…
Here is the new cover for THE UNLEASHING

I love this. I think it's hot. Oh! And it's available for pre-order on Amazon, in case you're interested...
And here's the new cover for the mass market re-release of THE MANE SQUEEZE out in January 2015:

Cool, right? I like this one, too.
And that’s it. I’m done for the month. Seriously. Done. If I could, I'd go into an actual cave and blast anyone who gets too close with my mighty fire. But the dog, Gaius, he's against me acting like that. He likes being the center of attention and having unharmed humans around to give him love and affection. I don't know how I got this dog. We're exact opposites. Anyway, here's an excerpt from THE MANE SQUEEZE for this month.
Talk to y'all next month! Hopefully I'll be a little less stressed out. Hopefully...wouldn't actually count on it, though. Heh.
Feeling brave? Then join my loop:
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