Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Dear Reader,

UNTIL WE TOUCH, a Fool’s Gold romance, is available today in paperback, ebook, and audio! I know a lot of readers like to wait until the entire trilogy is available before reading, so if that’s you, today’s the day to start reading WHEN WE MET, BEFORE WE KISS, and UNTIL WE TOUCH. You are in for some fun!!!!
UNTIL WE TOUCH is my homage to the classic boss/secretary romance—with a twist. Larissa Owens is Jack McGarry’s personal assistant, but she’s also his massage therapist. He’s a former professional quarterback who is a partner in Score, a PR firm in Fool’s Gold. They’ve known each other for a few years now, and Larissa has had her hands all over his muscular body. (How’s that for a dream job?) But when Larissa’s mom tells Jack that Larissa is in love with him, everything changes in that instant.
Jack had no idea that Larissa had feelings for him. Larissa had no idea that she had feelings for him. She’s mortified that her mother would say such a thing! But… maybe her mom saw something that she missed? All Larissa knows now is that touching Jack has suddenly become a lot harder, and all Jack knows is that being touched by Larissa is making him a lot—well, you get where I’m going.
Larissa and Jack are going to win your hearts. She’s a kind-hearted soul who wants to rescue the world. Jack wants to keep the world at bay. Larissa has been his buffer, but now things are about to get all too real.

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If you missed the first two books of the trilogy…

Buy Susan Mallery's books from Amazon
Buy Susan Mallery's books from B&N
Buy Susan's books for Itunes

Buy Susan's books for Itunes

Buy Susan Mallery's books from Amazon
Buy Susan Mallery's books from B&N

Happy reading!

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