Wednesday, June 25, 2014

News from Marliss Melton

LOOK AGAIN, A Novella 
Echo Platoon series begins with a prequel
Don't miss this prequel to my upcoming Echo Platoon series. This heartwarming and suspensful story introduces a new lineup of hunky heroes. 
Tyler Rexall never considered being anything besides a Navy SEAL. But a mission-gone-wrong has ended his career in the Teams, leaving Tyler handicapped, his self-identity obliterated. He has no idea that the young woman showing up on his doorstep with a dog holds his future in the palm of her hand. 
Katie Crowley's lifelong crush on the formidable "T-Rex" hasn't waned one iota in the last decade. Seeing him beaten down and disabled arouses her determination to help him, even as she's being terrorized by a desperate man who's getting bolder every day. 
Can Katie convince a proud man like Tyler to accept that a service dog can change his life? Unfortunately, she may not get the chance to heal him as her heart demands, not when her stalker returns for a final encounter.
$2.99 ebook. $6.99 paperback
When you buy this book, you are donating to, a non-profit program that trains service dogs for physically and emotionally injured veterans.
Thank you for your contribution! Visit for more information. 

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DANGER CLOSE--Coming in August! 
Check out the cover of my August release, the first full-sized novel in my Echo Platoon Series. (Pre-orders may be available in late July at some e-retailers, but probably not at Amazon). DANGER CLOSE will be available in both digital and paperback formats!
Navy SEAL Sam Sasseville has better things to do than to rescue the daughter of an oil tycoon from trouble of her own making. In Sam's opinion, the privileged environmentalist is going to end up dead or worse if she continues venturing into dangerous places like Matamoros, Mexico, or the wilds of Paraguay, where she ends up next.  
Madison Scott has an agenda a mile long and it all stems from following the aspirations of her long-dead, activist mother. If that blasted Navy SEAL, not to mention her own politically connected father, would simply leave her alone, she could get her job done.
However, when extremists threaten Maddy, all bets are off. Suddenly, she and Sam share the same goal of keeping her alive. While Sam struggles with his escalating feelings for a woman he doesn't want to love, Maddy risks her life again to finish the work her mother started. Between their starkly different backgrounds and their fervent commitment to their careers, passion may be the only force capable of teaching these lovers' hearts to yield. 

My Taskforce series (THE PROTECTOR, THE GUARDIAN, and THE ENFORCER) have been repackaged and redistributed by E-Publishing Works! If you have already read this series, thank you! Feel free to recommend it to friends and family. They are excellent reads!
I'm still looking for a winner for my May-June contest. To qualify, you must name the service dog featured in THE ENFORCER. The twelfth person to answer accurately wins a bag of Greenie dog treats, a dog toy, and the option to have your dog featured on my blog! Enter this contest before it's too late:

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