Monday, October 28, 2013

Thursday's Featured Sleep Over Novel (9/19/13)

Featured Sleep Over Novels are books we stay up all night to finish.


Lord of Swords


Ann Lawrence

Guy de Maci has never lost a battle.
Will his love for Lady Joia bring his first defeat?

Guy de Maci's son disappears during England's bloody civil war. Guy follows his son’s trail to Stonewold Castle, becoming the bodyguard of Stonewold’s heir. Guy uses the child as a cover to search for his missing son, but guarding the boy hampers rather than helps Guy's efforts. He is soon entangled in not only the boy’s life but also that of his sister, the rebellious and utterly captivating Lady Joia.

Lady Joia, who is betrothed to a man she despises, tries to enlist Guy in her plots to free herself from marriage. All of Guy’s warrior skills are useless when it comes to resisting Lady Joia. But should he? Or should he succumb to the passion shimmering between them and learn the true meaning of love before they are separated forever?

 You can read a preview of the first chapter here

 Ann Lawrence "...captures the reader on the first page.” 
RT Book Reviews

 You can find Ann on her website Or on her Facebook Page she loves to hear from her fans!

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Release date
(October 1st, 2013)

My Rating:
 5 stars

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