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A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery (Discreet Gentleman, #1) by Kris Tualla


A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery (Discreet Gentleman, #1) - Kris Tualla

A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery (Discreet Gentleman, #1) by Kris Tualla

Brander Hansen lost his hearing at age seven, his inheritance at twenty-three. Furious at his father's betrayal, Brander leaves home to make his way as Lord Olsen, a 'discreet gentleman of discovery' in 1721 Christiania, Norway. He intends to gain his own estate and begins buying the debt markers on Kildahlshus.
Baroness Regin Kildahl's husband has gambled away her estate and sunk to more dangerous habits. She writes to Lord Olsen soliciting his help saving both her husband and her home. When her husband dies, Regin offers herself and her title to anyone who will redeem his gambling debts, unaware of Brander's plan and circumventing his efforts.
The Hansen heir accepts her offer and hires Lord Olsen to deliver his bride. Brander's choices are clear: give the widow and her estate to his younger brother, or claim them both as his own. But who would accept a deaf husband?

My Review:
I had to rate this book five stars, I absolutely love the deaf hero because it makes him so endearing. Oddly its not the main focus of Branders existence its just a part of who he is. I love that the author didn't spend the entire book obsessing over his fault and making it a part of the whole book. Its interesting to see how he investigates both sides of the debt case and has to find where his loyalties lie. I wasn't sure I liked Regin at first and I am still left with a few mixed feelings toward her but I liked the way she finally felt for Brand and the sex was written in a way I didn't expect. There is a lot of social/political/emotional upheaval for Brand because of his position, job, and family but I felt Tualla has written a truly beautiful story with equally beautiful characters.

My Rating:
5 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the Author

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